How to Unstake

Learn how to Unstake and withdraw your HNT

If you have 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) enabled please ensure you disable any pop-up blocking you may have enabled in your browser before attempting to stake

1) The Stakes page

The Stakes page shows you details of your Stakes and Auto-stakes and allows you to manage them. Select the Stake(s) you want to Unstake by clicking the checkbox on the left. As you select stakes your running total will be displayed in the yellow box at the top of the page. Please note the minimum withdrawal is 0.5HNT.

Wallet Page

2) The Unstake Button

When you are ready select the Unstake button. A pop-up will appear: this is the confirmation screen where you can review the details of your Unstake and confirm that you wish to proceed. When you select ‘Confirm’ your Unstake will be added to the Unstake queue. Once confirmed this cannot be cancelled by the user. 

Wallet Page

3) The Unstake Queue

You will now see your transaction listed under ‘Unstakes’ where you can see its status. It will be listed as in the ‘queue’ until the Unstake Queue is paid out. This happens at 0100UTC everyday so if there is liquidity in the pool your Unstaked HNT will be returned to your Internal Wallet where you can Withdraw or Restake it if you wish. If there is insufficient HNT in the Liquidity Pool your Unstake will remain queued until the pool covers your request. 

If you encounter any problems please contact Customer Support.