How to Improve Security

Learn how to add extra security to your account

1) Go to the Security page

In the upper-right corner, click on your profile picture, a menu will appear. From there, click on Security.

2) Download Google Authenticator or other similar app

From the Two Factor Authentication section you can download the Google Authenticator App. Please note you can also use other similar Apps if you prefer.

Enable 2FA

3) Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Once you have downloaded the Google Authenticator App, click on the Enable button in the Two Factor Authentication section. This will show you a QR code as well as a secret.

Next, you will need to scan the QR Code or add the Secret to the Authenticator App.

Then you can enter the Login Details as well as the Code the Authenticator app is showing you, in the form to the right of the QR code.

Now, your account will have 2FA enabled. You will need to enter the 2FA code every time you login and also in the different parts of the platform which involve transactions.

Note: Take a backup of the Secret that was generated for you when enabling 2FA. This will allow you to restore your Google Authenticator entry in case you loose your phone or loose data from the Google Authenticator app.

If you encounter any problems please contact Customer Support.

Enable 2FA