How to Import External Wallets

Learn how to add External Wallets to your account

     PLEASE NOTE: Adding an External Wallet does not grant any access or control of the wallet

1) Go to External Wallets page

In the External Wallets page click on the Import button and a pop-up will appear.

External Wallets Table

2) Set the name and address of your External Wallet

In the Import External Wallet pop-up, enter a Name for the wallet as well as the address of the wallet.

The Name will be used to search it in the dropdown list when Withdrawing HNT. This allows you to use nicknames to define multiple wallets so you always know which is which.

The Address is the address of the external wallet. This is the address that you can find in the external wallet (Helium Network Hotspot App, Helium Network CLI Wallet, Binance etc)

Import External Wallet Popup

3) Confirm the External Wallet was imported

After you click OK, the wallet will appear in the External Wallets Table.

Your External Wallet has now been imported and you can use it to Withdraw funds from the platform via  the Internal Wallet.

If you encounter any problems please contact Customer Support.

External Wallets Table