How to Withdraw Rewards

Follow these steps to Withdraw your Rewards

1) Import an External Wallet

In order to transfer HNT from your Internal Wallet you need to setup an External Wallet first.

In the External Wallets page, you need to import a wallet to which you want to Withdraw HNT. This should be a wallet that supports HNT transfer (Helium Network Hotspot App, Helium Network CLI Wallet, Binance).

See the External Wallets help page for more info regarding how to add a wallet.

External Wallets Table

2) Go to the Wallet page

In the Wallet page, under the Manage Section, you need to click the Withdraw button.

This will open a popup from where you can Withdraw your rewards.

Wallet Manage Section

3) Select the External Wallet and the Amount you want to transfer

After you clicked the Withdraw button, a popup will appear. In this popup you need to enter the Amount of HNT that you want to transfer.

Then you need to select an External Wallet you wish to transfer to. To select a wallet start typing the Name of the wallet that you've set in the External Wallets page. When starting typing this will show you a dropdown list of available External Wallets.

Manage Withdraw
Select External Wallet

4) Verify the Transaction

After you selected the Amount and External Wallet you can now Verify the transaction by clicking the Verify Transaction button.

This will show you the Transaction Details. Check if these details are correct and when ready you can click Ok to transfer the HNT.

Withdraw Transaction Verify

5) Confirm the Transaction

After you clicked Ok, the transaction needs to be approved by the blockchain. After the transaction is approved, the HNT will be in the External Wallet and out of the Internal Wallet.

You can check the status of a transaction in the Wallet page, under the Transactions Section.

If you encounter any problems please contact Customer Support.

Wallet Withdraw Verify