Learn how to make your first Stake!

This is a guide for making your first stake. If you've already generated an internal wallet or have staked before, skip to step 2).

If you have 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) enabled please ensure you disable any pop-up blocking you may have enabled in your browser before attempting to stake 

1) Generate your internal wallet

The Wallet page will allow you to generate or manage your Internal Wallet. This is the wallet your rewards will be transferred to when you claim them.

Wallet Page

2) Transfer HNT to the internal wallet

Once you've generated a wallet, click Deposit. This will display your internal wallet address and provide a QR code. Either copy the address to your external wallet or scan the QR code with your wallet app (eg Helium App). You can now transfer the amount of HNT you want to stake. 

TIP: Remember to add a little extra HNT to cover the Helium Network fees. 0.2 HNT will cover most staking transactions.

Once you've transferred HNT from an external wallet you need to wait for the transaction to be validated by the Helium Blockchain. When it is verified, the HNT that you transferred will appear in your internal wallet.

You can click the 'Sync Wallet' button in the top right of the Wallet to refresh your balance at any time.

3) Stake HNT to the Staking Pool

On the Wallet page, from the Manage Your Wallet Section you can now press the Stake button and a new pop-up will appear.

Enter the HNT amount you want to Stake either by typing the amount in or buy using the slider. Click on the Verify Transaction button.

4) Verify the Stake Transaction

Once you've clicked Verify Transaction, you will see more details about the transaction including the Network Fee.

5) Confirm the Stake Transaction

Once you've verified that the Transaction Details are correct, you can click the Ok button. This will create the transfer from your Internal Wallet to the Staking Pool.

At this point the transaction still needs to be approved by the Helium Blockchain. When it is approved it goes in the Staking Pool.

There are three statuses that may be displayed. 'Waiting' which means the stake hasn't been submitted to the blockchain yet, 'Pending' which means it has been submitted to the blockchain but hasn't been confirmed yet and finally 'Staked' which means it has been submitted to the blockchain, confirmed and you are now staked.

If you encounter any problems please contact Customer Support.

The transaction is now in a queue. Every day at 00:00 UTC we collect all new stakes from users and add them to the Rewards Calculations. This means that your Stake will not be taken in consideration by the Pool until the next queue reset at 00:00 UTC.

Wallet Page