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Here you can see the Rewards you've earned by joining the Partial Staking Pool

From this page you can Stake Rewards and also enable Auto Staking. This feature allows you to automatically stake the rewards you earn and therefore increase your Staking Pool Percentage every time you earn rewards.

The rewards that you stake are added to a pending queue and every night at 00:00 UTC the rewards are added to the Staking Pool.

Also, by staking rewards from here there are no Helium Network transactions fees.

Rewards Display Information

Here you will see eight headings giving you information on your rewards. The headings are as follows:

Your Pool Share

The percentage of the overall pool that you own, based on your stake and any Auto-Stakes. This figure will rise or fall as others join or leave the pool.     

Total Rewards Earned

How much HNT you have earned since joining the platform, minus fees and running costs.  

Total Awards Available

The amount of HNT you can claim right now. This will only show unstaked HNT ie You have not engaged the Auto-Stake function.  

Total Rewards Staked

If you've staked any of your rewards it will show here, along with a percentage to show how much of your overall rewards have been staked.    

Manage Rewards

This section allows you to Stake Rewards, Claim Rewards and Auto-Stake. 

If you have rewards available you can hit Claim Rewards to move them to your Internal Wallet, you can hit Stake Rewards to add them to the pool and increase your Pool Share or you can allow your HNT rewards to build up here to claim or stake in the future.

The Auto-Stake function add your rewards to the pool as soon as you earn them, increasing your total stake and pool share every day.

If you engage Auto-Stake you will need to follow the Unstaking procedures to claim this HNT (see our 'How To Unstake' guide)

Today's Estimated Rewards

A running total of the current estimated reward you'll receive today based on how the validators have performed so far. This figure is not adjusted to account for fees.

Applied Fee

The fee percentage which is applied to your reward. This decreases if you have successful referrals.    

Total Awards Claimed

The amount of HNT you have withdrawn to your internal wallet since joining.    

Rewards Calculation In

A countdown showing how long is left until the platform calculates and distributes rewards.    

Rewards Table

The rewards table gives you detailed information regarding your rewards. The table has the following data:

Day: This is the date range for when the rewards were given. The rewards are being calculated every day at 00:00 UTC.

Staked Amount: This is the amount of HNT you had staked in that date range.

Reward: This is the reward you received from the Staking Pool. This reward is calculated using your Pool percentage and it represents your percentage from the total rewards the Pool Validators earned in that date range.

Pool Running Costs: This is the value that represents your share of the costs from the total Pool Validators running costs. This cost is calculated using your Pool percentage and it represents the costs attributed to you from the total running costs of the Validators from the Partial Staking Pool in that date range.

Fee: After we deduct the Running Cost from the Reward, we apply our fee. 

Net Reward: Your reward with the Fee and Pool Running Costs subtracted.

Oracle Price: The value of HNT at the time the rewards were calculated, as defined by Helium.

Claimed: Whether or not you have withdrawn this reward to your internal wallet.

Staked: Whether you have staked (or Auto-Staked) this reward.

Rewards Table