Validators Help

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Validators table

On this page you have access to statistics regarding all the validators from the Staking Pool. If you also own Full Validator Nodes that are hosted by us they will be shown here too.

If you click on a Validator name (in Green text), a new tab will open and you will be taken to the Helium Explorer page for that Validator.

Clicking anywhere else on the line of a Validator will load that Validator's info into the Rewards Section lower down the page.

Validators Rewards

In the Validator Rewards section you can see the individual rewards for the selected Validator. These are the rewards this specific Validator has received.

The graph shows you all the Validator's earnings over time so you can see how often the Validator has been in a Consensus Group.

Below that you'll find the granular detail of each reward. The columns show the Hour, Day, Month and year the Validator was in a Consensus Group, along with the amount of HNT the Validator earned for its participation. 

Validators Rewards