Dashboard Help

All the information you need on one page


The Dashboard page provides you with all the essential information about your stake in one place. You can use this page to see the whole picture of your rewards and how the Staking Pool is doing. Below we will explain each component of the dashboard.


Daily Rewards Applet
Daily Rewards

The Daily Rewards applet will show you the current day's Net Earned Rewards as well as a history of your earnings by day. The reward shown by this applet is your reward minus the Staking Pool running costs and our fee. It represents the reward that you can claim.

Daily Validator Rewards Applet
Daily Pool Rewards

The Daily Pool Rewards applet shows you how much HNT all the validators from the Staking Pool earned in the current day. It also shows the history, by day, of earned HNT by the validators from the Staking Pool.

Daily Oracle Price
Oracle Price

The Oracle price applet shows the current price of HNT (in USD) set by the Helium Network. This Oracle Price is used to calculate the Staking Pool Running costs which we deduct from the Staking Pool Rewards. 

Daily Validator Rewards Applet
Total Staked Amount

The Total Staked Amount applet shows you the amount of HNT that you staked (including auto-stakes) as well as a history, by day, of staked HNT.

Daily Chart

Dashboard Daily Chart

The Stakes line on the graph represents the amount of HNT that you staked in the selected period.

Pool percentage

This represents the percentage you own in the entire Staking Pool. This line changes based on the amount of HNT that you stake and the amount of total participants in the Staking Pool.


This represents the rewards you have earned from the Staking Pool. This line is affected by your Pool Percentage

Chart Controls

The Chart Controls allow you to set the Date Interval for the chart and render data only for that specific interval. It allows you to also download the chart data in a CSV format and also Refresh the chart data to get the latest data from our servers.